The Access vs Ownership Debate

Just when we thought the pollution of piracy and illegal downloading was on it's way to murdering the music industry, along came streaming - sitting prettily, waiting for us to enter the all-access world of digital music at the click of a button. Oh, and a £9.99 per month subscription fee. Not only has streaming … Continue reading The Access vs Ownership Debate


Digital Distributors vs Label Services

The concept behind success for any new artist, is ensuring that the right music is heard by the right people - but what steps can young musicians take to be certain that they will achieve this? The answer is simple, distribute their music in the most suitable way to maximise their current potential. When looking to make … Continue reading Digital Distributors vs Label Services


  Welcome to the beginning of The Digital Kitchen! My name is Sophie Benjafield and I am a first year BA (Hons) Music Business undergraduate at BIMM Brighton. For the foreseeable future, The Digital Kitchen will act as my personal academic outlet, a platform wherein I can critically analyse and discuss topics that derive from … Continue reading Welcome